Odour Removal

Odours can be one of the most frustrating problems for any home or business. They are often difficult to remove and in most cases require professional help to remove the odour. Odours are caused by many different elements such as animal urine, oils from fur and other odours caused by cooking oils and spices and the very stubborn odour, cigarette smoke.

For some people, odours can lead to more serious health issues affecting the immune system and possibly causing allergies. In most cases, a damp and musty smell is caused by mould, which can potentially be toxic, requiring urgent remediation.

Most of these odours cannot be removed with cleaning alone. Some odours will require specialised chemical treatment, others using sealing agents and the more difficult to remove odours may require the use of machinery such as an ozone or vapour tech system.

This is where Breathe-Easy Carpet and Fabric Care can help. With over twenty years, experience and having completed numerous odour control courses our advanced detection system will have those nasty odours removed in no time.

We can successfully remove the following odours.
Dog urine odours.
Cat urine odours.
General animal odours.
Water damage odours.
Cigarette odours.
Fire damage odours.
Foot odour on carpets.
Mould & mildew odours.
Cooking odours